Smarc audio rate converter

Smarc is a fast and high quality audio rate converter. It allows conversion between any samplerate. Smarc is a command-line program and a C library to be integrated in other applications.


Download current release: smarc 0.3

Smarc source code is release under the terms of the GNU LGPLv3 License. Smarc source code is known to compile on Linux, MacOsX, Windows/mingw platforms.


  • signal rate conversion between any sample rates.
  • optimized for conversion between standard audio sample rates.
  • command-line tool to convert audio files
  • C library to integrate smarc converter into other applications.
  • Initially designed to convert audio, but also any 1-D signals such as EEG, seismic signals, etc.
  • Convert sample rate using polyphase decimation and interpolation filters. This method guarantees high-quality for upsampling and downsampling.
  • Internal filters can be tuned to emphasize speed or quality.


Telecom Paristech

Smarc is developed at Télécom ParisTech, France.