Use Smarc library in your application

Resample one signal

The Smarc library API is exposed in the smarc.h header.

Here’s a small example of how to use smarc:

#include "smarc.h"

#define BUF_SIZE 8192

int main(int argc, char** argv)
    int fsin = 48000; // input samplerate
    int fsout = 44100; // output samplerate
    double bandwidth = 0.95;  // bandwidth
    double rp = 0.1; // passband ripple factor
    double rs = 140; // stopband attenuation
    double tol = 0.000001; // tolerance

    // initialize smarc filter
    struct PFilter* pfilt = smarc_init_pfilter(fsin, fsout, bandwidth, rp,
        rs, tol, NULL, 0);
    if (pfilt == NULL)
        goto exit;

    // initialize smarc filter state
    struct PState* pstate = smarc_init_pstate(pfilt);

    // initialize buffers
    const int IN_BUF_SIZE = BUF_SIZE;
    const int OUT_BUF_SIZE = (int) smarc_get_output_buffer_size(pfilt,IN_BUF_SIZE);
    double* inbuf = malloc(IN_BUF_SIZE * sizeof(double));
    double* outbuf = malloc(OUT_BUF_SIZE * sizeof(double));

    int read = 0;
    int written = 0;

    // resample audio
    while (1) {

        // read input signal block into inbuf
        read = read_my_input_signal(inbuf,BUF_SIZE);
        if (read == 0) {
            // reached end of file, have to flush last values

        // resample signal block
        written = smarc_resample(pfilt, pstate, inbuf, read, outbuf,

        // do what you want with your output
        write_my_resampled_signal(outbuf, written);

    // flushing last values
    while (1) {
        written = smarc_resample_flush(pfilt, pstate, outbuf,

        // do what you want with your output
        write_my_resampled_signal(outbuf, written);

        // if written<OUT_BUF_SIZE then there will be no more output
        if (written<OUT_BUF_SIZE)

    // you are done with converting your signal.
    // If you want to reuse the same converter to process another signal
    // just reset the state:
    // smarc_reset_pstate(pstate,pfilt);

    // release buffers

    // release smarc filter state

    // release smarc filter


Resample multiple signals concurrently

Smarc allows to resample concurrently as many signals as you want with the same converter. For this, initialize the struct PFilter* with your desired conversion rates and quality, and use one struct PState* per signals to resample.

The main.c file has examples of this usage. In particular, it shows how to resample multiple channels.